If I see the identical flooring cheaper in another local shop – will you match it?

Yes. Simply bring us their written quotation and we’ll guarantee to match or even beat their price.

Will I definitely need an underlay with my carpet?

A good underlay can help your carpet last up to 40% longer – so we recommend Cloud 9 underlay. Not only will it help protect your carpet and add to the feeling of luxury, it won’t create any dust.

What happens if my floors are uneven?

Ideally, your floor should be as smooth and solid as possible if you want your floor covering to look its best and last for as long as possible. So we recommend that wooden floor-boards should first be covered with hard-board or ply to eliminate any gaps, and that concrete floors be screeded.

Will I need to remove all the furniture from the room?

The emptier a room the easier and quicker the job gets done, which helps keep down your costs. However, we realise that this is not always possible, so our fitters will help with larger items when needed, such as sofas and side-boards – though you must empty out all contents first. Should you need us to move large amounts of furniture we might have to make a small charge for the extra labour involved, but we’ll always give you a written quotation before we commence any work.

Will I need to take up all the old flooring before the fitters arrive?

Yes. That way we can see if the sub-floors are in good shape. It also cuts down dramatically on dust levels and helps ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Should you require it, we’ll be happy to offer an uplift-and-dispose service for a small extra charge.

Are laminates suitable for my bathroom or kitchen?

We wouldn’t advise it – any wood product can be adversely affected when wet. We would recommend vinyl flooring (including or Amtico or Karndean) which are not only waterproof but can also be obtained in remarkably lifelike wood-effects.

Will my new real wood floor be scratch resistant?

No, but they can be repaired quite easily, although wood-textured or brushed finishes will disguise marks best. Besides, one of the beauties of real wood is the way that it ages naturally – just like any piece of good furniture. Taking simple precautions like placing felt pads under chair legs or mats at doorways will help prevent damage.

Can my wood floors be sound-proofed?

There are lots of options, but a basic 3mm poly-foam underlay is generally all you need for ground-floors in good condition. However, you should install an additional 7mm fibreboard layer beneath any wood or laminate floor above ground-floor level, which will give up to 30 decibels of noise absorption. We’ll be happy to advise you which options will suit both your budget and type of floor best.

Are radiator pipes or electrical cables under concrete floors at any risk?

Not all. We’ll use no nails and can secure the gripper-rods and door thresholds with adhesive. Just let us know in advance if you are uncertain where the pipes or cables lie.

What if the colour of my new floor looks different to the sample I saw in the shop?

Carpets and woods come from different batches from those in store and variations are inevitable. Plus, when new flooring is laid it can take you a while to get used to it, especially when it’s replacing something very different in style or colour. But don’t worry – you’ll not notice a thing within days of fitting – other than how smashing your new flooring looks!

For any other questions, just call us on 07940306463 or e-mail us and we will be happy to help.